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ShellShock Live 2016 x86 x64 download free torrent
ShellShock Live 2016 x86 x64 download free torrentShellShock Live 2016

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ShellShock Live 2016

Smart Live multiplayer game that allows the opportunity to compete in the virtual world in real time players. Several tanks and other weapons to choose from, so fans of the rich platform update is certainly surprising. Up to eight xogadorespode struggling at the same time, thanks to the colors very clear, this game has something retro "feel." Some users feel that their style is somewhat similar to the overall gaming franchise scorched earth.

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aEach player is equipped with a tank located at right edge. The graphics are two-dimensional, throwing grenades at each other opponents, taking into account parameters such as the wind and the angle of attack. The goal is to get rid of all the other tanks as soon as possible. There are also four diferentesmodos to choose from, like "Deathmatch" and "Juggernaut". Smart life, therefore, can provide endless hours of entertainment.

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chwaraewyryn eventually be able to access more200 upgrade power-packed. Of course, it all depends on the number of points scored during the game. Remember, as Live Call is still in development, the range of options and upgrades to enjoy tends to increase with time.